Saturday, September 13, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

part 2, shit happ...

ok so the next week this shit still continues, pain, pain & more pain.
all i can do is lie on my left side and stare at the bottom of floor. more vicodin & pissed off.
my wife is the best! she would make lunch & dinner and leave it on a tray on the floor before she went to work. i can't thank her enough!
it feels like you are in a nursing home, where she basically did everything. wash my hair in a bucket, hot towel bath & wipe my balls & ass. bunch of bullshit. but i am lucky, some people may not get all this help. brush teeth & floss was hard. and this was only a few days in to this shit!

oh yeah, you won't be taking a shit for a few days. did not know about this.

if you are taking a shit load of vicodin, make sure you eat some prunes for the next few days! no matter how much water i was drinking, it didn't help. just a heads up.

i finally had to shit so i dragged my self to the bathroom in intense pain, tried to sit & shit but couldn't shit cause the pain was too intense. i had to lie on the bathroom floor till the pain went away & crawled my way back into the bedroom. brah, i had to bite on a shirt from the pain, i don't know how else to explain it. didn't shit for a few more days.

1 week into this, i go get a epidural shot, this was on 4.29.14. barely make it to my dad's car, i took a bunch of vicodin just so i can get to the hospital. riding in the wheel chair was more painful than i thought. during my procedure they had me lie on my stomach, which i couldn't do. man that was the most painful shit in my life, i was shaking from the intense pain & just tried to stay still enough so that the doctor can stick the needle in my spine. i couldn't even feel the needle. man, they said my blood pressure was over 200/150 during that procedure.

the epidural shot is basically the needle going to the sciatic nerve area to help relieve the affected nerve. it's a steroid. i heard it supposed to work pretty instantly. it's even given to mother's giving birth. but not for me (what's fucken new) it took about 10 days before i even felt any relief. so don't believe the hype.

i'll stop here. part 3, soon, maybe???


Friday, June 20, 2014

an' den shit happened...

so bad shit happened this past april, back attack, i mean really fucked up back attack!
this is the journey i am going through right now and i'd want to chronicle this shit so if other people has similar shit like this, maybe i can help.
it might get repetitive but if anyone like read um, please check it out.

so here we go:

april 17, i get back from my trip to japan, 8 hour flight, just crashed out for 1 day, doing normal shit till i go back to work on the 19th. felt fine after work, didn't do anything but drink beer & cruise at the house. monday, 21st, went to work feeling like shit, not from drinking, but my lower back & right leg was feeling really achy. took some vicodin during work, felt nauseated the whole day & couldn't eat my lunch. had to lie down for my lunch break, & as the day was going, i was walking slower & couldn't stand too long. rode home from work that day but standing & sitting was pretty painful. i couldn't think what i did to trigger anything to fuck my back up.

tuesday, 22nd, got up, try to get ready to go to work & i could barely brush my teeth without intense pain. so i called in sick & called kaiser hospital asap. i actually called kaiser to get in their urgent care clinic but was told urgent care was discountined so i had to settle for the earliest appointment i could get that day.

so if you are a kaiser member, no more urgent care at the honolulu clinic, gotta go to moanalua for emergency. sucks if you have no car, for sure.

got my crutches so i can get to my appointment, see my doctor, can't do anything but get more vicodin. this would be the last time i would be standing or walking. as the day went on, i couldn't stand, sit or walk anymore without intense pain. all i could do was lie down on my right side to sleep, any other movement & intense pain would just shoot down from my right butt check all the way down to the feet. never felt this kind of pain in my life, just paralyzed, fucking jolts all the way, felt like your leg is burning, getting stabbed, & uncontrollable shaking.
couldn't get up to piss, so had to use puke bags from the airlines, good thing i had a bunch. but when that supply was gone, had to use plastic bag & ziploc bags for piss, make sure to use a large bag so no get piss all over the bed or floor or on yourself.

the next day, wed, 23rd, called my neurologist & get more meds to help ease the pain. got dexamethasone & gabapentin which is supposed to help calm the pinched nerve.

oh, i forgot to add: in early feb. i got an mri for my lower back since i was having pain for a long time & found out the l4, l5, s1 right side had ruptured disc & it was digging into the sciatic nerve. so the neurologist suggest that i continue to do my stretching & ride bike as usual, which i did & was fine, until now.

i'll stop here for now, next episode...

shoots, dennis

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Makakilo's very own Mike "Big Island' Castillo has a video looking back on ESPN giving a story kine time about the X-games from the beginning talking about being Eric Koston's doppelganger to crazy tricks that went down. Check um out and if you happen to see this bmx OG buy him a Guinness or Jameson and say hi ...
shoots \m/

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hawaiian kine time post

2 Shine Tuesdays episode 2 from Ride HI on Vimeo.
So to start off the new year two months in a throw back from 2 months ago brought to you by Oahu's very own KJ and when not filming and sharing the ainas shine at he finds time to ride and with a little help from the ridehi ohana made a little shine from the other side of the lens spahk um and crack a beer twice it's Tuesday ....\m/
KJridesHI from Ride HI on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

ok, dave shaffer wuz right, we don't post shit for a year (or more)!!! haha!
shoots, dis is da short version of wat we supposed to post from interbike sept 2013....

got drunk, girl passed out on da hawaiian air flight to lax, free booze cuz nobody wanted to help dis girl @ all, dr.drebeats doctor wuz doing the doc thing, landed lax, busy bee in san pedro, tried to sleep, s&m building for da next few hours, no in&out or del taco-fo me(duane had) stomach fucked as usual, vegas, blah, blah, blah...
see all da peeps in the bmx industry, alwayz good times, bob haro, no nora cup dis time, mandaly bay is wayy betta den ventian, tip plus party, long beach wit fano & da stranger crew, bogi, sum guy askin me to valet his car, or a cab, bj, brudda kaylen from kauai, shit can't remember too much...

mahaloz to ruben!!!!

i will try to put sum fotos on instagram or facebook or wateva shit, maybe...

shoots brah!!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rollin' again!

Dennis and I are on the road again.  Back in Southern California for some good times before getting to work in Vegas.  Stopped off at the S&M warehouse for some discussions about the new line, and then some frosty beverages after work.  We've known the guys over there for quite some time and it's cool to hang out and shoot the shit.  We're bringin some of the new Turtleneck stem for your consumption.  You're definitely gonna dig these.  Moellers' a mad man!

Thanks Dylan, Chris, McKinney, Balls, Freddy Chulo, Ryan, Clint, Dougie and all the rest for being great at what you do.