Monday, March 23, 2015

Cult BMX eyeland video

check it out, not that nobody did, but some dope shit while the cultcrew was in oahu, hawaii!



Saturday, March 21, 2015


i suck, but bike thiefs suck even more.
wife's bike got jacked on the corner of ala moana & ena road, where the old todai restaurant was.
yep, she had a trek/kryptonite u-lock but that got picked & bike gone.
anyway it's a 20" folding bike, burgundy, seo cycle from japan, white front basket, primo black walls, & drum brake on the rear.
not sure why the fuckers targeted her bike cuz you gots to be under 5 ft. tall to ride that bike. maybe the fucker liked the basket to put more of his stolen shit inside?
either way, fuck you thief, hope you get run over by the bus & die, mother fucker!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cult BMX Team in Oahu, HI, Feb. 7, 2015

heads up!!!
the Cult BMX crew will be in hawaii!!!!
BIKEFACTORY Waipio will be having a get-together on 6 PM, Sat. Feb, 7, 2015!
be there, spread da word!!!
don't die wondering!!!
show & support da scene, people!!! fun, fun, fun!

call 808-678-1800 or 596-8844.


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

last day of 2014 #3

cheehooo! i'll leave it with dis to end 2014...

shoots brah!!!

last day of 2014 #2

let's do dis!

here's a shot of the crew from the aloha jam! minus logan, he stay in texas still...

last day of 2014

awww shit, just like last year, neva posted too much shit!
too much instagrams, facebook, myspace...

hhmm, can't rememba too much shit...good happy shit???

chase hawk won x-games & chilled in hawaii for a bit.
bobby carter was here a bunch, might as well live here bruddah!
he did the aloha jam in kaimuki.

what else???


12.31.14, 20:00

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aloha Jam

Story reprinted from

 Aloha Jam 2014
In typical Diversion style I wanted to create something a little different, a little epic, and at times exotic….all while tapping into the soul of BMX and all the good vibes and experiences it can bring into our lives. It´s been over 20 years since there has been a flatland related event in Hawaii and it´s was the perfect environment for the concept of a BMX Holiday. Hawaii is a magical place with a paradise like environment, perfect for BMX and adventure. Aloha Jam is for everybody. You don´t need to be a super pro with a dialed contest routine to move around the planet and have BMX adventures. If you love BMX and good vibes come through for an experience you´ll never forget!
Unknown to most, Hawaii has a thriving BMX scene that ranges from first generation flatlanders like Adam Jung who toured with GT all the way to new school riders. Being a bit isolated on the island, the entire BMX community is quite tight and has that creative DIY flavor of days past. Check out and
The Jam location was at Petrie Playground which is located in the Kaimuki area of Oahu. It sits on top of a hill that over looks the ocean and Koko head mountain - A view you can only get in Hawaii. All styles and bikes were representing this day, even street riders came through and worked on flat ground moves and then applied them to the big manual pad nearby in the park.
Duane from BIKEFACTORY manned the grill and cooked up some good steaks and hot dogs. Another rider named Cuyler rolled up with some palm fronds sticking out of his backpack. Inside was a big fish he may or may not have caught all wrapped up and ready for the grill. That´s how we do in Hawaii, brah!
The word was out on the the streets of Honolulu and Channel 2 came out to catch some of the action for a segment on the 6 o´clock news.
With Hawaii as the backdrop, riders can feel free to bring non-riding family members / friends because there is plenty for them to do. The second day we mobbed out to Hanauma Bay, which the base of an old volcano, for some snorkeling. We swam with sea turtles and floated through all sorts of coral and colorful fish. Watching a sea turtle make it´s way around the bay is quite the experience as it swims with authority and a look on it´s face of wisdom and calmness….a true master of the sea…
For those that came for more than just the two days, even more epic activities happened...hiking through craters, getting lost in rain forests, and finding more flatland spots in paradise.

BIG THANKS to Derek Takemoto and Duane for helping make the jam a reality and also thanks to everyone who participated. A big Shaka to the mainland crew who came through too! (Todd Carter, Rich Slezak, Nelson Kuo, and Steve and Christina Lapsley)
Everyone who participated in the jam will get a limited edition Aloha Jam T-shirt with everyone´s signatures on the back.
Look for a printed Aloha Jam book and an edit in the near future! Shoots!

2014-09-29 - Bobby Carter